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I am a Wix Partner

I am an Icon level freelance Wix designer, which unlocks many benefits for me as a designer and for my clients.  As an Icon level partner, I receive advanced support + ongoing training from Wix and Editor X specialists so that my clients receive the highest level of service. 

Editor X

"Editor X is a creation platform made exclusively for designers and agencies.  Editor X is a powerful combination of approachable CSS, integrated business solutions and built-in coding capabilities.  It offers advanced design and layout capabilities that allow you to create complex website designs for any device."

Business All-In-One

I can build websites including the back office for your business.  Different types of businesses including but not limited to: restaurants, gyms, fitness classes, cleaning and janitorial services, beauty, portfolios, online stores, blogs, consulting businesses and businesses that also take reservations, class signup, event ticket sales, subscriptions and price plans, and more.

Wix Owner App

You can run your business from anywhere, including manage your website, grow your online store, live chat with website visitors, write and share blog posts, manage your restaurant, track business analytics, take bookings and payments, create a mobile app experience for your customers and much more.

Social Media Management

Services include an audit of current social media accounts, creation of social media posts, social media image and post design, trending hashtags, reports around engagement, activity, insights, demographics and statistics.

Delegate + Automate your social media management.

Extra Package

22 Custom Posts - per platform
22 Stories - per platform
Up to 3 Social Media Platforms
Captions + Hashtags
Duration: 1 Month

Basic Package

12 Custom Posts - per platform
12 Stories - per platform
1-2 Social Media Platforms
Captions + Hashtags
Duration: 1 Month

Preferred Package

16 Custom Posts - per platform
16 Stories - per platform
Up to 3 Social Media Platforms
Captions + Hashtags
Duration: 1 Month

FRANKIE Digital Design + Social Media

I am a solo artist with my laptop and cellphone, constantly designing, creating + learning all sorts of things social media and digital design.

Social media management has quickly become an art form and one of the top, most effective digital marketing tools. Be visible and top of mind by taking advantage of what a social media management service can do for your business.

Websites can be creative, warm, simplistic, loud, colourful, minimalistic....that's the fun of website creation.  I can build a website for you that also provides complete all-in-one business solutions.  This includes marketing, social posts + videos, Google Ads, invoicing + collecting payments, client management and much more.  Running the digital portion of your business doesn't need to be complicated.


In a noisy digital world, I bring both visibility + simplicity to small and medium businesses.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
- Leonardo Da Vinci

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